Have you ever wanted to play guitar but haven't got round to starting or can't seem to find the time?    

Do you want to be able to play a song or a piece of music from start to finish and not just a few chords or bits and pieces?

Have you been playing for a while and can't seem to ​get to the next level and find yourself stuck in a rut?​

Would you like to learn to read music or guitar tab and take exams in classical, electric or acoustic guitar but don't know where to start or would you prefer to play just for your own enjoyment?

Structured regular guitar lessons are the answer.

I have been teaching guitar privately in the Wolverhampton area for over 20 years and I have also taught in                                   several local High Schools.  I am now based at Pattingham Village Hall.  Lessons take place on                                   weekdays and Saturday mornings and are on a one-to-one basis.

                         I teach classical, electric and acoustic guitar and students can be prepared for exams in all these                               styles if they so wish.


                         I have taken and passed all 8 grades in classical guitar through the Trinity College London Exam                              Board at the Birmingham Conservatoire.  All but two of these were passed at distinction.

I hold an enhanced CRB certifcate.


My approach to teaching the guitar is that first and fore​most it should be an enjoyable experience.  Learning the

guitar can help students develop skills that are not just related to music making but also to every day life.  Concentration, self motivation and mental agility are all improved by learning to play guitar.


Please listen to my audio clips to hear the styles that can be learnt.


                                                                                     EXAMPLE LESSON


 All lessons are on a one to one basis.  Everyone learns at different rates and this means that each lesson can be taken at the student'​s own pace, not trying to keep up with or be held back by another student.


A typical lesson would consist of the student studying an exercise from a tutorial or a

specific piece of music for a grade etc.   I would provide help and guidance where there

are passages or segments of the music that are more challenging.  The student would

then practice the given exercise/music throughout the following week and the next

lesson would be built upon the

progress made.


In this way the student builds a steady, progressive and secure technique as well as

improving sight reading and music theory.






​​Students can be prepared for music exams with Trinity college London Exam Board for classical guitar and Trinity Rock and Pop Exam Board for the electric guitar.  The classical guitar exams are made up of four main elements.  The student plays three pieces of prepared music.  Technical exercises (consisting of scales, arpeggios and exercises).  Sight reading or aural (listening exercises) and questions on musical knowledge.

The electric guitar exams follow a similar format except that the prepared pieces of music are played along to a backing track with bass, drums, rhythm guitar and keyboards.

Exams are not compulsory but do give a good indication of progress and a goal to aim for.  Both exam boards used are accredited with various examing bodies and grades six, seven and eight gain valuable UCAS points that can be used towards university entry.   


                                                                       Email: mikerichards@mrguitartuition.com

                        ​                                                              Mobile:  07912 624696



                                          Current fees are £15.00 per half hour lesson and £27.00 per hour lesson                 



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